The Magnets of Mansour's Menswear
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The Magnets of Mansour's Menswear

At Mansour's we have been working to bring you outstanding service and clothing since 1924.  A little memento of our history can be found on the magnets of Mansour's Menswear. 

The magnet on the top left corner is a photograph of Theo and Alexandra Mansour. Theo took over of Mansour's in 1926 and worked here for over 70 years.

On the top right is a photo of George Khouri, Alexandra's brother. he was more commonly known as George the tailor around Amherst.

The bottom left is a photo of Norman, he and Theo worked together for nearly fifty years at Mansours. Norman would love that his face is now on a magnet.

Finally, the bottom right is a photo of Robert, Valerie, and their Uncle Mike the founder of the store. 

People really appreciate these magnets as a piece of history to go with their in-store or online shopping experience. Come in or Shop Online for your own piece of Mansour history today.




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  • karen on

    I was wondering if the magnets were still available for sale. I would like to have the two bottom ones to purchase if so? I live in Toronto but my parents were from Amherst and finally passed there in their retirement. They talked so much about the store and particularly Norman that I wanted to be able to share this with my grandchildren. Thanks so much in advance if you can help me. Or perhaps there is another website that I would be able to get a clearer picture off of. I am making a scrapbook for each of them with mementos of my parents days.

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