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The Hip Accountant

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This is Scott Nelson, our accountant, loyal customer, and good friend. 

After a hard days work at Jorgensen & Bickerton Scott can't help but drop by and say hi. Every day or two he comes in and chats with all the guys. In the photo he's looking for Robert who's often perched in his upstairs office.

Why the Hip Accountant? Once, a part time associate, Jaret Collins couldn't remember his name and said "you know that hip guy upstairs." Presumably Jaret appreciated his choice of clothing. Scott loves to dress in modern styles and really appreciates great footwear. He picks up several pieces each season to help him look professional when dealing with clients.

If you're looking for clothes or to be featured on our blog give us a call at 1-800-929-3992. If you're looking for tax or professional advice call Scott at 902-667-9339



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