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Robert Mansour

Hello, I'm the owner here at Mansour's. I started working under my father Theo and cousin Norman at age 13. It has been my first and only job. Although I can hardly believe it, I've spent almost 50 years here. Over the years I've watched the business develop and change to the modern menswear store we operate today. My Uncle Mike was a Lebanese peddler before founding the store in 1924.

Seeing my Uncle and Dad struggle their way to middle class Canadian life has helped to make me the gentle and easy going man I am today. I am very proud of what we have accomplished and I love to give back to my community. I enjoy socializing whether it be at The Stadium, Tim Horton's, the Deli, or at the store. I take great pride doing business with those who do business with me. I love my wife Deanne and my children very much. My son Mikhial works with me at the store while my daughter Adele studies Psychology and plays hockey at Acadia University. 

We take great pride in the service we provide at both our online and our bricks and mortar location. We treat our customers with great respect and dignity. Everyday it gives me great satisfaction to please our customers so if there is anything you need shop online, call 1-800-929-3992, or drop in anytime.

Thank you,


Roger Dorrington

Roger Dorrington, pleased to meet you. 

At 15 years old I started working in bargain basement at the old Margolians as a receiver. Eventually I made my way to the floor and the floor is where I thrived! After several years I was promoted to Head of Footwear and Manager/Buyer for the Sportscage. After Margolian's closed I was trying to take some time to ponder the change in my life. Then the phone rang, all of the sudden I was a Mansour's Man. Now I love wearing suits and sportcoats and I'm starting a collection of ties. 

My extensive experience and passion has been in footwear. I can tell if you pronate or supinate just by looking at your feet. I normally remember your shoe size, but forgive me if I don't remember your name.

I love to spend time with my grandsons and to kick around the yard. I love fitness, over the years I've taught many classes at the local YMCA. Also, I ran a boxing club through CANSA and in my younger years I was the New Brunswick Amateur Boxing Champion. I enjoy people, period. Getting to know them and chatting is one of my favourite things. So now that you know me, come introduce yourself, shop online, or give me a call at 1-800-929-3992!


Keith Cormier

I started working at a place called JJ's Jean Shop when I was 15 years old. After that the Mansour's acquired me in the 80's and I worked under Theo and Norman for two years. Then I went to Halifax and took a course in Retail Management from there I got a job with a menswear national chain and spent 20 years working in Halifax and Vancouver. In 2002 I was rehired by Robert as I moved home to spend quality time with my late father and the rest of my family.

Hockey is one of my passions and I played every week until I broke my leg in February 2016 (I have since started playing again). Thankfully, I can still go to Rambler games and watch my beloved Canadians.  Aside from hockey, I love listening to music, going to concerts (especially U2), tending the garden, and playing the drums in my "Man Cave."

I really love clothes and for whatever reason matching colours and decorating seem to be a passion of mine. I love pairing different combinations of suits, shirts and ties, sweaters and shirts, matching pants, everything right down to the socks. Amongst other things, I dress the windows and make all the displays and take care of the merchandising. I take great pride in my dress and nothing feels better than a well fitted suit. So on that note give me a call at 1-800-929-3992, shop online, or visit me right here in Downtown Amherst!



Mikhial Mansour


Hey I'm Mikhial.

I've recently joined the family business after studying Business at Saint Mary's University. During my time in School I also did Internship's at eOne and CIBC Wood Gundy. 

Things I like are reading, sports, travelling, clothing, and my true passion lies in business. I love working and growing the business alongside my father, Keith, and Roger. We work hard to ensure you have the best experience in-store and online. If you'd like to meet me drop in, give me a call at 1-800-929-3992 or just Shop Online!

Kind regards,


Colton Caballero

Hi i'm Colton.

My first day on the job was Black Friday 2018 after Mikhial hired me. I've always liked coming into Mansour's because of there quality clothes, shoes, and other accessories alongside the amazing customer service. I enjoy Track and Field as well as ping pong and soccer.

I'm a Grade 11 Student at ARHS so I work here Part time, you'll most likely see me here on weekends and a couple days throughout the week after school. I'm always trying my best to learn old and new ways of business and retail so I can put my best foot forward for our customers at Mansour's.

With Sincere Thanks,