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      From the desk of Mansour's — Nova Scotia

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      The Quality Products of Mansour's Menswear: Saxx

      Saxx revolutionized the world of men's underwear. 

      Saxx underwear made it's break into the retail world when it appeared on season 2 of CBC show "Dragons Den."

      What makes them so special?

      -Ball park patented pouch: Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place, thanks to mesh panels that prevent skin-against-skin friction, and feature no exposed stitching for chafe-free comfort.

      -Three D fit: Taking a 360-degree view of the body, to consider fit, feel and function, and use nine panels of fabric to create 3D shaping around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.

      -Flat out seams: While other underwear companies place the raised-thread seam against the body, we reversed conventional thinking and placed the flatter, softer side of the seam inward, for chafe-free comfort.

      At Mansour's Saxx underwear has been one of our hottest items for almost five years. Now, not only do we carry their underwear, we also have their T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts and long underwear. 

      Come in and inquire about a pair today! 27 Church street Amherst NS or visit online mansoursmenswear.ca


      The Quality Products of Mansour’s Menswear: Stanfield’s

      For over 60 of our 93 years we have been carrying Stanfield’s underwear.

      Stanfield’s was created by Charles E. Stanfield when he immigrated to Canada in 1856. During World War 1 Stanfield’s manufactured wool blankets, knitting yarn and cloth. The 1940’s is when the staple products we carry today came into play: products such as undershirts, briefs, two piece underwear, polo pyjamas, t-shirts and thermal underwear. 

      Today at Mansour’s we still carry those same classic products, knowing that they are quality, timeless pieces. Stop in today at 27 Church Street, Amherst Nova Scotia or visit us online at mansoursmenswear.ca to see our full selection of Stanfield’s products.

      The Quality Products of Mansour’s Menswear: Blundstones

      The Blundstone boot is the oldest product carried at Mansour’s Menswear.

      Blundstones began in Tasmania Australia in 1853. In 1892 John Blundstone built the first factory where Blundstones were made and took his Son into the business. Blundstone has since recieved the first Australian footwear manufacturer to receive a design award from the Industrial Design Council of Australia and has also won an Australian Export award. 

      Blundstone continues to expand around the globe, currently selling to over 50 countires across five continents. Despite growing to become one of the world's most recognisable boot brands, the company retains its Tasmanian roots and retains its family values.

       Today Blundstones are worn by all walks of life, from factory workers to college students. They make a great work boot because of their durability and comfort but also because they have a CSA approved steel toe and are puncture proof.

      At Mansour’s we carry two styles of the steel toe boot and roughly four styles of the original Blundstone boot - including rustic brown and black. Want a color you don’t see in store? Not a problem, at Mansour’s we can order whatever you are looking for!

      The Quality Products of Mansour’s Menswear: McGregor Socks

      One of the biggest trends in men’s dress wear the past couple of years has been the change from a classic black dress sock to a brightly colored funky dress sock.

      At Mansour’s we have classic black dress socks, pink polka dot dress socks, dress socks with lobsters on them and one of our fan favorites the Canada 150 Mountie dress socks.

      One of the brands we strongly rely on for our sock supply is McGregor socks. McGregor Socks have been making quality socks for over 85 years. The company was founded in 1928 by brothers Jack and Nathan Lipson and brother-in-law Joseph Doran. The McGregor brand, still run by the Lipson family now includes girls and women’s socks and leg wear. McGregor also holds licenses to other well-known brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Chaps and IZOD.

      Come check out our selection of funky socks today at 27 Church Street, Amherst Nova Scotia or online at mansoursmenswear.ca.

      The Quality Products of Mansour’s Menswear: Jack Victor

      Quality suits have been a staple at Mansour’s for all of our 93 years.

      One of the most popular brands we carry is Jack Victor. Like the majority of Mansour’s products Jack Victor has its own rich history.

      Jack Wigdorovici, similar to our own Mike Mansour began his company by selling ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing door-to-door from a pack on his back. Soon enough he was able to save money to buy a horse and wagon and expand his selling territory. In 1909 the first Jack Victor store was opened in La Tuque Quebec. Throughout  the 40’s and 50’s Victor expanded and became the brand that we now know as Jack Victor.

      Today Jack Victor is Designed and produced exclusively in Montreal, Canada. Jack Victor products incorporate the very best fabrics and materials and are available for purchase across the United States and Canada, in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Central America.

      Visit us at Mansour’s and we will help you find the perfect Jack Victor suit, sport coat or even fit you for a custom made suit, made right here in Canada. If you can’t make it in visit us online at mansourmenswear.ca or call the order desk 1-800-929-3992.