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      From the desk of Mansour's

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      Our Response to Covid-19

      Our Response to Covid-19

      Hi Everyone,

      It is with a heavy heart that Mansour's will be temporarily closed.

      Through our passion and commitment to you, this was not a difficult decision as we cannot risk spreading the virus.

      Excluding the funerals of Theo, Norman, and Mike Mansour this is the first time in our 96 year existence we have closed the store during our normal business hours.

      We are taking this time to unveil the launch of our new website mansours.com and we are offering free shipping on all orders.

      Our employees will continue to be paid and will be reassigned to renovating the basement.

      For any questions or needs email us at mansours@mansours.com or call us at 902-667-8577 .

      Thank you for your love and support,

      Mikhial Mansour

      The Quality Products Of Mansours Menswear: McGregor Socks

      The Quality Products Of Mansours Menswear: McGregor Socks

      You can never go wrong with McGregor socks. McGregor socks are known for their funky patterns that will catch your eye and there smart fresh looking styles. For only 10$ you can get yourself some comfortable premium made dress socks.





      The Gift of a Secrid Wallet : Truly A Top Holiday Gift for Christmas 2019

      The Gift of a Secrid Wallet : Truly A Top Holiday Gift for Christmas 2019

      The dreaded holiday shopping is upon us. You start off your shopping at a rapid rate crossing off all the people who are "easy to buy for". Then you come to the "hard to buy for" list.

      What could you possibly buy them? 

      Here at Mansour's Menswear we have the perfect solution for your 2019 holiday dilemma:

      The Secrid wallet. 

      Avaliable in Slim, Mini and Twin and a large assortment of colours and varieties to fit anyones taste or needs. 

      Browse our large selection here: 


      These wallets solve the issue that many people have, the pocket bulge. The sleek slim fitting designs are made to contrast with any jacket or pant pocket. They also provide the latest RFID card protection to ensure that your information is protected. Everyone would enjoy the connivence of a Secrid wallet this holidays. Make your holiday a Secrid holiday this year!


      Holiday Traditions - How Socks Became a Cherished Necessity

      Holiday Traditions - How Socks Became a Cherished Necessity

      Well it's that time of year again, the winter wonderland is upon us!

      It is also the time of year when some fantastic holiday traditions resurface. One popular traditions that our team at Mansour's Menswear have noticed is how many pairs of socks we sell during the holiday season dating back as far as 1924.     


      How did socks end up in nearly every North American closet? 

      We decided to dig a little into the roots of socks to try and understand where this tradition may have came from.

      In fact the oldest recorded pair of knitted socks dates back as far as 1500 BC (over 3500 years ago). Where the first pair of stockings were found in Egyptian graves around 500 AD (over 1500 years ago). At this time socks primarily only worn by the wealthiest.

      It wasn't until the Middle ages when socks were built into clothing and it became widespread. However, it became troublesome that the built in socks would become dirty and tattered before the upper portion. So overtime socks evolved into what they are today, independent articles of clothing.

      As new knitting techniques were developed and mass produced during the industrial revolution; socks have became an everyday necessity. 

      Today, there is no better way to combat the cold than the warming feeling of slipping your feet into a brand new pair of socks.

      Is it tradition that you receive socks for the holidays?

      If not, what are some of your favourite holiday traditions? 

      Check out our large selection of socks here: