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      From the desk of Mansour's

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      We have the perfect pair of Saxx Underwear!

      We have the perfect pair of Saxx Underwear!

      Did you know that we have over 17 different styles of Saxx Underwear in stock at Mansours? 

      Due to our large selection, we often have customers wondering "which pair is best for me". Well, the truth is each pair have unique benefits and meet specific needs. So today we will focus one of our best selling pairs of Saxx, the Vibe

      Saxx was started in 2006.The creators wished a pair of non-chafing underwear existed. The Saxx Vibe was their answer. Featuring a slim fit, super soft and breathable material these underwear truly are the best everyday underwear for men. They also feature a patented Ball Park Pouch with a Three-D fit craft that eliminates chafing. Saxx Vibe as use a flat out seam that eliminates the discomfort of bulky seams chafing bare skin. 

      Purchase yourself a pair of our most popular Saxx Underwear today!



      Our Response to Covid-19

      Our Response to Covid-19

      Hi Everyone,

      It is with a heavy heart that Mansour's will be temporarily closed.

      Through our passion and commitment to you, this was not a difficult decision as we cannot risk spreading the virus.

      Excluding the funerals of Theo, Norman, and Mike Mansour this is the first time in our 96 year existence we have closed the store during our normal business hours.

      We are taking this time to unveil the launch of our new website mansours.com and we are offering free shipping on all orders.

      Our employees will continue to be paid and will be reassigned to renovating the basement.

      For any questions or needs email us at mansours@mansours.com or call us at 902-667-8577 .

      Thank you for your love and support,

      Mikhial Mansour

      The Quality Products Of Mansours Menswear: McGregor Socks

      The Quality Products Of Mansours Menswear: McGregor Socks

      You can never go wrong with McGregor socks. McGregor socks are known for their funky patterns that will catch your eye and there smart fresh looking styles. For only 10$ you can get yourself some comfortable premium made dress socks.