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The Quality Products of Mansour’s Menswear: Leo Chevalier

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Three products that are a necessity at Mansour’s. At Mansour’s we have various brands that cover these category but today the blog is about Leo Chevalier.


Leo Chevalier started his career as a window dresser in Montreal. From window dresser to designer, Leo released his first collection in 1963 and opened a couture fashion house in 1967. He helped put Canadian fashion on the map. He received two awards in his career; the Order of Canada and the “Griffe D’or” Prix Hommage for his longevity and contributions to the Quebec and Canadian fashion industry.


At Mansour’s we have a full selection of Leo Chevalier, from classic white dress shirts to colourful checked sports shirts (perfect for summer).


Stop in today and have one of our staff help you find the perfect shirt for any occasion. OR shop online at

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